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 Winmax Brake Pads by Brakes Direct

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About Winmax

Established in 1984, WINMAX CORP. is one of the leading performance and racing brake parts manufacturers in Japan. As a subsidiary of OEM supplier MK Kashiyama Corp., Winmax has delivered a combination of racing passion and meticulous engineering for decades. Used by top motorsport teams in road racing, rally racing, gymkhana, autocross, and time trials, Winmax brake pads have been rigorously tested in competitive racing environments throughout the world.

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Product Design

Using a knowledge database that covers everything from OE factory pads to formula racing machines, Winmax begins all brake pad development in its research and development facilities. By blending various types of raw materials based on the information accumulated over years of quality engineering, Winmax is able to develop friction materials that meet the requirements of performance, effectiveness, life, noise, vibration, and feel.

Testing and data collection is also vital to the Winmax R&D process. Using an enclosed brake dynamometer with a sealed environmental chamber, a variety of brake pad simulations are able to take place under controlled conditions. By evaluating the braking performance under a variety of driving conditions, Winmax is able to test, develop, and improve brake pads until they meet the strict standards required before being sold to enthusiast drivers across the world. Winmax is a certified ISO9001, ISO14001, and ECE Regulation No. 90 brake parts manufacturer.

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R&D Testing

Brake pads are important safety parts, especially to enthusiast drivers, and it is core to the Winmax philosophy that all parts sold are required to have high reliability and be of high quality. Using laboratory data and regular feedback from motorsport teams, our engineers carry out constant development in order to develop products that meet our exacting specifications. During the manufacturing process, engineering teams will carry out required evaluations of appearance, dimensions, hardness, surface roughness, and adhesion of lining (using a shear strength tester).

Proven Performance

Winmax brake pads have proved themselves across the globe! International wins include the 2012 Asia Pacific Rally Championship with Brakes Direct backed Australian WRC Ace Chris 'Atko' Atkinson!

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Winmax is also the pad of choice for long time motorsport legend 'Monster' Tajima in his insane 900hp Pikes Peak Hill Climb car, which he piloted to a 6th sucessive win with Winmax!

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Select the correct Winmax brake pad for your application!

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Sport Brake Pads - W1 W2

Low Noise And Brake Dust With Optimal Stopping Power for Sporty Driving!

W1 Starting from $140 - The W1's non-steel material brake pads are a perfect upgrade from factory for the drivers that needs increased stopping power. Using an effective brake pad compound, the W1 works instantly from ambient temperatures and provides long lasting pad life and rotor wear. Upgrade for Endless NS97 and Project Mu NS.

W2 Starting from $183 - Versus the W1, the W2 has a slightly higher temperature range and coefficient of friction for increased braking power. This is a performance brake pad designed for those that enjoy sporty driving without the harsh characteristics and high wear associated with a typical full racing brake pad. Upgrade for Endless MX72 and Project Mu B Spec.

Sport / Circuit Brake Pads

Special Brake Pad Compound For The Dual Purpose Sports And Circuit Racing Vehicle.

W3 Starting from $195 - These specially formulated pads still minimize brake dust and noise emissions while providing the best brake control. The W3 is the ideal choice for those who want to maintain great rotor and pad wear without compromising performance. Upgrade for Endless MXRS/MX72, Project Mu HC+, Ferodo DS2500, PFC 97, Hawk HP+ and Pagid RS4-2.

Circuit Brake Pads

Specifically Designed For Circuit Racing That Requires Superior Braking Control

W4 Starting from $221 - By incorporating low levels of steel material into the brake pad composition, increased effectiveness and brake control were enabled. The W4 is a conservative yet powerful circuit pad for virtually any type of racetrack. Upgrade for Ferodo DS2.11, Hawk BL, Cobalt XR5/CBR and Pagid RS14B.

Race / Rally Brake Pads

Made For Full Race Conditions Where High Heat Tolerance And Precise Brake Control Are Necessary. Competition Off-Road Use Only.

W5 Starting from $231 - Made with high steel ingredients but perfectly balanced for large circuit racing, the W5 is the choice for seasoned track enthusiasts. Recommended for dedicated racecars where protection against extreme brake fade is required. Upgrade for Endless CC38/ME22, Project Mu 777, Ferodo DS3000, Cobalt XR3/XR4, CL RC6 and Pagid RST3/RS14.

W6 Starting from $284 - The W6 excels most at higher temperatures, especially made for harsh motorsport conditions such as rally racing. A linear braking output can be experienced as more force is applied as well as increased brake control at higher speeds. Upgrade for Endless CC40/ME20, Project Mu Club Racer and Hawk DTC30/DTC60/DTC70.

W7 Starting from $299 - Professional class brake pads that have the highest heat tolerance and effectiveness as well as break-neck coefficient of friction stopping power. These pads are also designed to work with race vehicles with deleted vaccuum assistance (brake booster). Uprade for Endless CC60/N30C, Project Mu H16-03, Cobalt XR1/XR2, Pagid RS29 and Ferodo DS2.11.

WE1 Starting from $353 - Targeted for endurance races lasting up to 3 hours, the WE1 is a high steel brake pad that retains stable braking performanc continuously. The special material compound excels against brake fade while retaining great stopping power and control throughout its use. Upgrade for PFC01 and Project Mu H21.

Winmax Brake Pads Technical Data

W1 (Compound) • Non-steel (Material) • 0-450C (Temp Range) • 0.29 - 0.32 (Co-efficient of friction) • Sport (Class) • For sporting driving with minimal brake dust (Notes)

W2 • Non-steel • 0-500C • 0.32 - 0.35 • Sport • For sport use

W3 • Low steel • 0-600C • 0.34 - 0.37 • Sport / Circuit • For combined circuit and sport use

W4 • Low steel • 50-650C • 0.37 - 0.40 • Circuit • Increased brake control for track use

W5 • High Steel • 100-750C • 0.40 - 0.43 • Race / Rally • Competition use only

W6 • High Steel • 200-800C • 0.45 - 0.48 • Race / Rally • Competition use only

W7 • High Steel • 100-850C • 0.48 - 0.53 • Race / Rally • Competition use only

WE1 • High Steel • 300-700C • 0.38 - 0.42 • Endurance • Endurance racing up to 3 hours long

Available From

Brakes Direct Australia
Phone: 1300 724 943
Web: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Facebook: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Winmax Brake Pads by Brakes Direct
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